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Call us at: (850)-477-3561 ~ to leave a message

We prefer a text to:  (850)-476-3620

Or an email to:

Have a Question? Or Want to get on the waiting list?

You may get on our waiting by filling out the below form and include the color and sex puppy you are interested in, but keep in mind that it's better to let me know if you have a 2nd and evem a 3rd choice preference, in case we do not have your initial choice  available in our litter...or in case there is only one pup your first choice color/sex and someone is ahead of you and selects that pup.  It is safer to have more than one choice. You will receive pictures and even video clips of the pups so you can decide which you like best- in case there are two that look just alike, you can see their personalities.  We do contact our families according to "date contact order" so, it's best to get on a list now if you are interested.  Deposits are not taken until a litter arrives and we contact you. 


Check our website often to see if a litter is on the way and when.  We will contact our families in waiting as soon as our litter arrives and is nursing and thriving well, as well as when their eyes are open and docked tails are healed up.  


We pick a Saturday visitation day so our families can come visit their pup in person prior to the pick-up-day. It helps the pup to know you and your scent as well as helping the new owner to bond.  Due to COVID-19, I will let you know if we do visitation day this time. If any family is still social distancing...we will have a nice porch pick-up for you or outside in a shaded, nice setting.  


We ask that you do not bring your other animals with you for many reasons.  It frightens a baby pup on these premises because he/she has not met your other pets yet.  Its BEST to meet their new family "in their own settings" at your home and not at the home of a stranger.  Also, it safeguards my fur family as we are very picky regarding things that can be spread unknowingly.  We have to be this way to follow good breeder guidelines.  


Our puppies only go to PRE-APPROVED, forever homes.  

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