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About us


I am a grandmother to 11 and a very knowledgeable hobby breeder who has bred since 1984.  God has    certainly blessed our family hobby for 38 years! We   only breed one or two times a year ~   or only as a   waiting list occurs. We mostly work off a referral        system, which makes us feel proud! You may get on our waiting list by e-mailing us the color and sex        puppy you are interested in, and if you are planning    to spay or neuter.  Keep in mind that our list goes by CONTACT DATE ORDER, so get on a list if you feel you are interested.                                                         

Proper breeding is a LOT OF HARD WORK!  Raising      puppies the right way means blocking off the FULL 8   weeks and giving them the proper handling,                socialization and care EVERY day, for EVERY single       puppy.  We do just that! Our 8 nearby grandchildren    help socialize... so our cocker babies love children       already!                                                                    


 Although I pay $1,800.00-$2500.00 for my cockers, MANY breeders are now charging $3 thousand and up since covid began -  and many breeders are no longer breeding since prices are all up in vet cost, grooming cost and even pet supplies, dogfoods, etc.  AKC regulations cost more but are in higher demand than other registration services because AKC regulates breeders!  I charge less when limited registration. $1200.00 for boys and $1400.00 for girls.   For unlimited is: $1400.00 for boys and $1600.00      for females (this is to discourage folks breeding their little girl!) - because it should be left up to people who know and               understand "breeding up or "comparable" and only to qualified lines of cockers!  My newest $2500.00 boy Romeo and Lucy's pups will be $2,000 for any SILVER BUFF babies they should ever throw.  Romeo caries St James lines which carry silvers and           silver-buffs.  Note that prices may vary according to bloodlines - and how much I have to pay to buy into a prestigious line.         

My prices are lower in order to stay below most breeders, yet still give good "up to standard" cockers with state health certificates, shots by my licensed veterinarian and quality ancestry behind our fur kids! I do many extras that most breeders do not do.  


I  also offer pet transporting your pet for 50 cents per mile inclusive by car or can Pet Nanny on a flight, if its' too far to drive.  My hubby is a licensed freight driver and I am TSA certified with all airlines.

A non-refundable
deposit of $500. is due at the time a puppy is picked out; sorry we cannot hold a puppy on a verbal request. The deposit down payment is non-refundable because that pup was held for you and could have gotten another qualified home.  A deposit can be transferred to a future litter, should a person have a family emergency.  The final payment is due at the time of pick-up. The last payment must be in cash, so all AKC paperwork, State of FL Health Certificate,   pedigree copies, care with all package/instructions and vet records can go home with you on pick-up day.                                                                                   



Many of my families make installment payments (through Venmo, Walmart, or Paypal) so the money isn't missed when making       several payment increments.                                                                                                                                                            


Our pets are all cared for exclusively by CHEMSTRAND OAKS VETERINARY HOSPITAL, Dr. Mike Elliott, owner. Should you need a breeder reference,  please feel free to check us out! 


If you are looking for a GREAT Veterinary office, I would like to recommend Chemstrand Oaks! They  are by far the most caring, time-taking, thorough office you will visit in the Pensacola area!  Doctors Elliott and Dr. Henley have over 40 years of combined experience in small animal medicine and surgery. They (and their staff!) are a wonderful team! They care about EVERY client & pet, and it shows!! 


Our Veterinarian

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